In the Absence of Lip Service

I came, I saw, I voted.

Here’s what I’d like to say to the rehired and newly hired employees and representatives of the American people:

Campaign Finance Reform

Now. Do it now. Not tomorrow, when you amnesiac shits forget about this maelstrom of waste and start campaigning for 2016.

Make Nice with Your Fellow Legislators

Get off your keisters and cross the aisle. Start talking. Leave your crazy sororities and fraternities of political hacks and “wingers” from either side. Those days should be over. We, the people, are exhausted by your immature playground games.

Let’s Talk About War

People are dying on our behalf – that’s kind of important, isn’t it? I mean, that runs a pretty close second to who gets married in this country. Yeah, let’s go there.

Raise the Unemployment Rate

Fire a political consultant, pundit and public relations coordinator. Fire them in droves. Maybe they can work for the Red Cross or Amnesty International or some organization more valuable than Mr. or Ms. Blowhard Politician or those topsy-turvy think tanks.

Show Us Your Long Game

We’re not stupid. We know that it will take some time to fix these problems. Stop talking immediate fix and reward like we’re Fido waiting on a bone or a toddler playing peek-a-boo. We have visual permanency. We know the problems are there, even when you don’t talk about them.

Trust Us

We decided that you were the person for the job. Please trust our belief that you will take our best interests to heart and take action. Come to us with the issues and possible solutions. Be honest, forthright and timely.

Thank You and Please, Please Get Something Done.

18 thoughts on “In the Absence of Lip Service

  1. Amen girl! I have to give you total props not just because I agree with what you’re saying, but because you’re saying it at all. Talking about politics in a public forum can be scary, it takes balls to face up to the potential haters. Good for you!


    1. I think about that a lot, too. Even to the point of knowing that this is exactly my 3rd post out of 60 that makes political references. So far, I haven’t been blown out of the water for it, but I also hesitate before hitting “Publish”. Hopefully this will be the last one for a while. We’re all burnt out!


    1. I have to believe that we still have some say in things or else there’s no hope that we aren’t owned lock, stock and barrel by corporations. Delusional perhaps, but I have to maintain some optimism!


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