Gratitude from The Green Study

I’m going to take a couple of days off from blog writing to eat, rest, eat and rest. Not necessarily in that order. I have to kick this flu bug for good and I also have a bit of writing to do to catch up with the National Novel Writing Month challenge. I’m grateful for so many things, but I’ve done enough navel-gazing this last month, that I am entirely sick of writing about myself – until Black Friday, when I will forgo the consumer-fest, lock myself in my study and get back to work writing more posts. Possibly about me.

Today, I must bake bread for tomorrow, when we will be trekking to an in-laws’ home. They’re really nice. I hope we don’t have to stay long. They usually greet me with “Ha, ha, we know you don’t like to hug” which is quickly followed by an awkward hug. Uh, thanks, now that I know your cup size and you’ve fumigated me with your latest perfume/cologne/body odor, where’s dinner? No, really, they are very nice. It’s me. My family of origin just likes dogs, so I don’t feel comfortable until my face has been licked and my butt sniffed.

Thank you for reading my blog and for the comments and “conversation”. One of the things that I’m very grateful for this year is becoming a blogger – it has opened up a whole new world of wonderful writers, poets, photographers and illustrators to me. It’s been an amazing experience for which I feel very fortunate. There is a generosity of spirit here that we sometimes miss in our workaday lives. If we are very lucky, we’ll be able to pass on some of that spirit to the people in our “real” lives, seeing others as friends we just haven’t met yet.

However you are spending the next few days, I hope that you find good food, a decent laugh and an occasional nap.

Have a lovely Thanksgiving!

25 thoughts on “Gratitude from The Green Study

    1. Thanks! Enjoy your day as well. It’s not so much being stuffed up – it’s the bronchial cough that sounds incredibly awful. It’s a great way to clear a room, though. Everyone treats you like you have the plague!


  1. I’m thankful to have found your blog, and for reconnecting as a result. Feel better soon!

    Here, have a virtual hug.



      1. I have a catalog going to press next week so I’m hoping to slam out 10K over the weekend in order to be able to finish – but I am finding the writing like an oasis at times. Thanks for the encouragement! Enjoy your time in the study!


    1. I actually ended up staying home on Thanksgiving. I figured my old man bronchial cough would be a real turnoff at the Thanksgiving table. Plus a lot of my husband’s relatives are elderly – I would have hated to wipe them out with my plague.


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