In The Wee Hours

I lay awake at 3am.

The world is silent, but my brain is a clanging, drilling factory.canstockphoto3460980

I have solved most of the world’s problems,

written a bestselling novel,

rehashed conversations where I responded wittier,

Rambo-ed my way through thugs and miscreants,

stopped crime waves with my dam of back fists and roundhouse kicks,

wondered if the squirrels nesting in the crawlspace above our garage will eat their way through the ceiling

to come plunging down on my face.

I wake up 2 hours later, drool dried on my cheek.

I remember vaguely that once I was a genius and a superhero.

I find my way to a cup of coffee that slops onto my pajamas

as I trip over the cats.

Welcome to Monday, my friends!

31 thoughts on “In The Wee Hours

  1. Oh – you have almost perfectly described what happens to me on many nights, except that I mainly worry about the squirrels and don’t write any bestsellers or vanquish any miscreants.

    Good to know that I am not alone with my noisy brain (and it IS noisy!!).


    1. I tried to keep a notebook next to the bed to write down some of these “brilliant” ideas. In the morning, my writing was illegible and the ideas were that of someone who’s had one hallucinogenic Percocet too many.


      1. Ha ha. I did the same thing. It was like I wrote sentence over sentence and then down the sides of the page – it looked more like a lunatic’s visual re-creation of a nightmare than actual words. I gave up and just remembered that somewhere in the dark of night lies a pretty talented version of myself.


  2. I 3am I must be lonely. I thought of this line from 3am by Matchbox20 as song as I started reading your writing for today. My brain is usually attacked by my personal demons on those type of nights. Glad you have much more positive thoughts at 3am. Your writing style is delightful. TY for sharing.


    1. I love that Matchbox 20 song – it’s one of my shower bellowing songs. Whoa. That might finally have crossed the line of too much information. Make sure that when your personal demons attack, you don a superhero costume and kick the shit out them.


    1. It’s a bit exhausting to be so “productive” and have so little to show for it. I get all my pictures from Canstock (since I am no photographer) and wow, can I ever find some strange ones!


      1. All I can claim in the way of productivity is making room on the DVR:) My great niece is on a zebra kick right now so I am on alert. She wants a “zonkey” for Christmas and I am working on that.


        1. It’s a zebra-donkey cross – and for $3500 it ought to come with a whole stable. My niece is only 6 and she texts me these odd things – I’m pretty sure that grandpa is helping this along – either way she’s getting a zonkey


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