Administrative Notes from The Green Study

canstockphoto0018600The Green Study Holiday Humor Contest is in full swing. The next few days will be days of thanks (Blog awards) and administrative tasks on the blog. I will be back to writing regular posts after the 25th.

I’ve been asked about a blogroll and once I realized what one actually was, I decided to add it as a page to my site. There’s only so much one can fit on a sidebar! So Happy Holidays to those I’ve been following. I know there are so many more great blogs out there, but I’ve got to start somewhere.

Wishing you peaceful and enriching days ahead, as well as safe travels. And remember, all families are messed up to some degree, it’s okay to be alone on the holidays (although loving the C4C idea) and maybe we can swap shitty gifts when it’s over. Dibs on any stationery. You can have my 3 sets of hand towels. Apparently you CAN have enough of those.

Best wishes from Michelle at The Green Study!canstockphoto4611554

14 thoughts on “Administrative Notes from The Green Study

  1. Thanks for including me on your blogroll. Some are blogs I, too, follow. I will check out the rest one or two at a time. I have been thinking of adding one as well, as soon as I can figure out how. The ‘page’ idea is inspired. Have a wonderful Christmas. Working on an entry for your contest 🙂


    1. I look forward to reading your entry. I actually found your blog through your comments on Pete Armetta’s posts. The page blogroll takes a little more time, because I haven’t figured out how to finagle the widgets into a post. Enjoy your holidays as well! Did you make it to the Apple store, brave soul?


      1. I’m ready to brave it. Haven’t been only because it’s an absolute mad house this close to Christmas. Day after boxing day, I’ll be there.


    1. You’re welcome! I hope I wrote this list without offending or accidentally leaving someone out. I think this is why I kept putting it off. Hopefully people will let me know if they want to be added.


  2. Wow, a blog roll page. What a great idea! What’s a blog roll? Thanks for including me in yours. I lean more toward an icy cold beer than coffee or wine… In any case, thanks and the first drink is on me!


    1. You’re welcome. I’ve enjoyed reading your posts, especially about the very funny conversations you have in your family. Cold beer has been duly noted. Mine will be accompanied by a large plate of Mexican food. Wishing you a happy holiday with your “boys”!


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