The Green Study Holiday Humor Contest: Honorable Mention, The Final Chapter

canstockphoto4885238The last, but certainly not least, Honorable Mention from The Green Study Holiday Humor Contest comes from a friend of mine who does not blog, but who is an awesome friend. In the early stages of the contest, I bemoaned the decision of starting it so late in the holiday season and worried about participation (which actually turned out to be pretty great). My friend, who dubs her online presence Kirizar, took time from her extraordinarily busy and stressful life to submit an entry. This is what great friends do. Thank you, K!

It’s a Wonderful Easy-Baked Christmas

by Kirizar

Every child has an ‘it’ toy.  The toy they absolutely had to have growing up.  Forget the Red Ryder BB gun made famous by Ralphie in A Christmas Story, the toy that screamed ‘quintessential Christmas gift’ to me was the Easy Bake Oven.

Even at eleven, I knew there was NO WAY my parents would shell out good money for a plastic box with a light bulb in it…but, I wanted that Easy Bake Oven.  I craved it on a scale of desperation that today would likely require therapy.  So, I put it on the one list I was fairly sure would produce results:  the Grandparent’s List!

I waited and waited, until Christmas day—the day all things were possible.  I was so excited.  Presents were given out and opened one at a time.  My cousin, Lisa, shrieked with excitement when she got an Easy Bake Oven!  I was absolutely sure mine was next…until…I got my present.

You know in your heart when something isn’t right.  The package they handed me was too small.  I opened it anyway hoping against hope.  That dream was dashed when I was faced by the reality within—A Knit Magic Machine!  My grandparents had mixed up my list with my cousin’s.

I would like to say that I was a good sport and that I took this tragedy in stride.  But, no.  I was Veruca Salt.  I stamped my feet.  I cried.  I even told Lisa to give me my present.  There is a small part of my soul that, to this day, is still in shock that she wouldn’t give up MY Easy Bake Oven.

Now, this is the story that I have told pretty much anyone who has made the mistake of asking:  “So, what was your favorite toy?”  WHAM…they get hit by an emotional cyclone of pent-up frustration which has been swirling unresolved for years…that is, until I told the story to my sister-in-law.

Everyone traveled from far away to attend a dinner my mom was hosting before the holidays.  That morning, I retold my tale of holiday woe for all the unfortunate people present.  It was much later, after dinner that we planned to exchange our typical presents—towels, candies and little soaps carved into decorative shapes never to be used, just admired.  I had no idea that my universal axis was about to be shifted.

We had been oohing and ahhing at the gifts, when Lelia brought out another package.  It was a big box…wrapped in paper and good will.  If you close your eyes and listen really closely, you can still hear my joy at receiving the long-desired Easy Bake Oven 25 years late.

I was laughing and crying at the same time.  I turned to Lelia and said, “Thank you, but now I will never be able to tell my story again!”

Lelia just smiled and in her charming, soft Southern twang replied, “Sure you can.  It’s just now it has a happy ending.”

Congratulations, Kirizar! And thanks for being such a great friend!

That wraps up the entry postings for the contest. It was a lot of fun to host and to read. I think I’ll do it again, but start earlier, so that I can post holiday stories during the actual holiday season. Thank you again to everyone who participated!

Administrative Note: The Green Study returns from hiatus tomorrow and is grateful for those of you who “liked” and commented on the scheduled posts while I was taking a breather.

13 thoughts on “The Green Study Holiday Humor Contest: Honorable Mention, The Final Chapter

    1. It has a permanent fixture in my heart. Unfortunately, I did not gain any extra patience along with the gift and baking itty-bitty cakes which you can eat in two bites is a bit frustrating after a 15 minute wait. It is fun to break out every once in a while and play with my son. (Who will not have unresolved issues about said toy.)


    1. What did people use as a comparison before Willy Wonka met that tiny tyrant? I am fairly sure, however, that my love of chocolate plays absolutely no role in the development of my character. If anything, it keeps the Veruka of my soul under control.


    1. If your brother was anything like mine, he deserved a little Christmas frustration. However, I cannot recall that mine ever received their just desserts.


  1. I’m so glad you finally got that oven! I asked my mom for a reindeer sweater and some saddle shoes – this was in the 70s when no one wanted those. Mom hated them and got me something else I can’t recall. Every year for the next 20 I told her the same thing when she asked – every year she thought she could do a better job. I’m 50 and am still hoping…someday…maybe.


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