I had some lovely exchanges with Gus Sanchez over at Out Where the Buses Don’t Run, as he interviewed me as a writer (my first and potentially last interview). Gave him a photo of the very last time I dressed stylishly and also offered up a brief treatise on my favorite swear words (Rated MA-45). Enjoy and say hi to Gus for me!

Out Where the Buses Don't Run

For the third entry in my Writers and Bloggers interview series, I interviewed Michelle Jayne, who runs the fascinating and thought-provoking blog The Green Study.  From the e-mail conversations Michelle and I had over the past few weeks, I got the lasting and distinct impression that Michelle is someone who still seeks to improve herself and her station in life, in big ways and small ways. I was struck by her thoughtful, detailed answers to my questions; clearly, Michelle is someone very much in tune with herself and her surroundings, but that’s not enough. Some people would be content with their place in life, but not Michelle. She’s all about giving herself challenges, and seeing those challenges met and accomplished.

I’ll let Michelle’s About page describe more about her:

I’m Michelle, a midwestern, middle-aged, middle manager of average height and IQ. I’m ex-Army, ex-Republican, ex-Seventh Day Adventist, ex-smoker and…

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  1. It was a startling ending to the interview. Very guy-centric question. I think a woman might have asked something more about your motivations or emotion growth as a writer, so, you did dodge a bullet there!


      1. Mine only lasted through Brownies – they didn’t have a troop for the next age up. I think that the Brownie jumpers were the only dresses I liked as a little girl. I still have my pin somewhere.


        1. I think I was in Girl Scouts for about 5 years, then my family went religious and I was an SDA Pathfinder (strangely militant in their attire) and then off to the Army. I just thought of a post about uniforms to write! Thanks, Lorri!


        2. Glad to help – sounds like a fun read. I liked that Brownie belt that had a pouch for important stuff like a pocket knife and a magnifying glass and my lunch money.


        3. I vaguely remember that. I still have the ‘sash’ with all my badges. You’d think I’d have some better skills, looking at that thing! Apparently we didn’t earn badges for coffee drinking, internet surfing or procrastinating. I would have ruled!


        4. LOL – We didn’t get badges, we mostly hiked, and did crafts, and sold cookies. Our hikes were out to this creek (drainage ditch) too look for tadpoles and crawdads. Pretty slimy stuff.


        5. I think so too – it was the best outdoor adventure we could have after school in downtown Las Vegas. I really wanted one of those sashes though – patches – more exciting than the Miss America sash for sure!


  2. HaHa. I thought I was commenting here after reading it, but turns out I commented on Gus Sanchez’s blog. So I’ll try again now. I’d wanted to share a cuss phrase I’m enjoying lately: Fuck a duck. 🙂 BTW, great interview.


    1. I did see your comment, but I didn’t want to invade Gus’s blog by responding there. Fuck a duck is an oldie, but goodie and much like my stop sign shaped glasses, will never go out of style!


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