Top 1,216 Reasons I Need to Write and Then Came Spring

canstockphoto1910165Dragging myself to the keyboard has been nearly impossible since spring began moving in a few days ago. Winter, saturated with gray, undramatic weather and brittle temperatures, is finally in its death throes. I began to clear garden beds, a delightful task of discovery. Tulips and crocuses have made their way up. The lilacs and cherry tree are tipped with buds. Strawberries are tentatively putting out their runners.

This need to revel in open windows and sunlight and the sound of the earth coming back to life makes it hard to sit still. But writing demands it and I start getting odd if I don’t write for awhile. My eccentricities, which under normal circumstances might be cute or mildly irritating, get amplified until one day I realize that I’ve been singing Henry the Eighth I am at the top of my lungs and there are people walking their dogs on the street, glancing at my house and walking a little faster. Boo Radley with overtones of Crazy Lady avec Cats and/or Shotgun.

Writing is a grounding force in my life. It puts order to things, calming me like no amount of meditation ever has. For all my awareness of mental health issues, I recognize spring as a special kind of mania, especially in Minnesota. But there are some indicators that I might need to settle down and do some serious writing:

  • I make up click bait titles.
  • I write comments on people’s blogs that are longer than their actual post.
  • I wake up and Paula Abdul’s “Straight Up” is playing in my head. I’m pretty sure that signals some sort of cognitive impairment.
  • I irritate my daughter by finding all the words that rhyme with her name and then sing limericks all morning long.
  • I have long conversations with my cats who, in their stoicism, make me feel inferior.
  • I spend an hour searching the internet for a bird sound, so that I can identify the birds that have been yakking outside my window since 3am. Damn you, black-capped chickadees.
  • I sharpen and oil my garden tools while alternately humming the movie themes to “Jaws” and “Psycho”.
  • I cut up 50 pounds of produce for “snacks” and then microwave a burrito.
  • I yell at the microwave to shut its pie hole, as it beeps to let me know my burrito is done.
  • While practicing back kicks in the kitchen, I accidentally put a dent in the refrigerator.
  • Dancing becomes erratic and unprovoked. I start reciting Ren’s monologue from Footloose. Leaping and dancing, my friends, leaping and dancing.

Spring is when nature starts firing on all its cylinders, but I fear as my synapses snap and crackle, there may be a few shorts in the circuitry. I’d like to believe writing is a big roll of electrical tape. Obviously my metaphors could use some work. I should write, but the black-capped chickadees are calling and Paula needs a backup dancer. I hope she approves of leaping as well.

Wishing you a happy Monday!canstockphoto3890075

38 thoughts on “Top 1,216 Reasons I Need to Write and Then Came Spring

  1. Love this, thanks for the smile. I can hear you singing :). Spring is my absolute favourite season. It is pretty and filled with hope and I can feel myself awakening from a deep sleep, lethargy gone. On Saturday I saw people sitting on restaurant and cafe terraces for the first time in I don’t know how long and I just wanted to do cartwheels. I restrained myself because I knew I’d never live to see another day if I was stupid enough to try.

    Do you have a laptop? If you do whynot write outside, in your garden?


    1. Glad I could make you smile, Fransi. I’ve tried writing outside, but despite my appreciation for the glorious sunshine, it’s rough on my eyes. I think if I put some hard labor in for a few days, I’ll settle down enough to write. I’ve stopped resisting the siren call of spring!

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  2. It’s so true, if I don’t write for awhile I start replacing it with singing. I make up stuff, pretend I’m in an opera and sing songs in a loud deep baritone. It irritates the hell out of my kids. Maybe I shouldn’t stop doing this. Your Henry the Eighth I Am reference cracked me up because now it’s stuck in my head so I’ll be sure to sing it to my kids after school later. Thank you.


    1. I find the combination of not writing and spring are really making me whacky. I really hope you don’t stop blogging, because I enjoy your voice and your sense of humor. I know I’ve come up against that wall and after 3 years, it does seem like I am getting repetitious. Every spring I think I write a post like this, but I find blogging to be a great outlet for all the lint that gathers in my brain. Maybe I should apologize for spreading my dust bunnies about the internet.


      1. Yep, for me it’s a combo of warmer weather and I’ve lost that writing mojo. Nothing is really compelling me to write anymore. This does free up time for me to finish that damned award-winning screenplay, though.


  3. I relate to your comment about having to write without starting to get weird(er). For me, it’s a kind of pressure that builds and usually, if I go a while and let the pressure build, it comes out better I think. It’s good it’s always with you and has to come out. Happy Monday to you, too.


    1. That’s exactly what it’s like, Bill. All my weirdness builds up and when it spills out on paper or screen, it’s worth it, but sometimes it slops out onto my workaday life and that just doesn’t translate well!
      It’s been a beautiful Monday here – I hope yours was as well.

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  4. I sharpen and oil my garden tools while alternately humming the movie themes to “Jaws” and “Psycho”.

    This is rarely a good sign. 🙂

    Down by my pond, the frogs are in full song. I finally interpreted the lyrics. It is strictly 60’s Top 40… “Baby, baby, baaa-bbbbyyy” they croak.


    1. My humming of theme songs is more an homage to my love of soundtracks, rather than any nefarious purpose. Except if you borrow my tools and don’t return them…

      The park I go hiking in is absolutely riotous with frogs singing. In the marshy areas, you can’t hear anything else. I’ll have to listen for those 60’s tunes!

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  5. Sadly for me, but fortunately for everyone else within a 200 yard radius, I don’t sing, ever. I lose my writing mojo with such grace and regularity, that I wonder if I ever had any in the first place.


    1. My family envies your reticence. I don’t sing very well, but I make up for it in volume and made up lyrics. And I love to sing me some Ella Fitzgerald, who certainly doesn’t deserve it.
      Writing mojo is one of those things like writer’s block – it’s bullshit we tell ourselves when we’ve run through all the other excuses. I’ve been trying to call myself on it, but spring wins this round.


  6. Boy, would I love to be in your kitchen when you are singing and doing all that crazy stuff. In Australia we are coming into Autumn. The leaves on the trees are turning and their is that gorgeous crispy feeling in the air that I love so much. I feel like digging myself into a girl cave, scrunched up on a comfy lounge with a good book a glass of red wine and of course my lap top to write, write, write.


    1. Ah, you are at the other end of the seasonal transition. I love fall here as well and enjoy digging in for the winter. Six months later, I’m a total loon from cabin fever, like most people in the northern states. I do love the seasonal changes, though.
      Enjoy your girl cave – it sounds perfect!


  7. Not all the indicators sound too compelling. In fact, I think I’d enjoy seeing you in your kitchen practicing back kicks, singing and dancing. That said, writing has its permanent lease in your heart and mind, and wants to be expressed in words on paper/screen.


    1. I’m waiting for my husband to notice the dent in the fridge. Fortunately, it’s an old fridge, one I’ve been cheering the demise of for years. Perhaps it was no accident…
      I’ve exhausted myself with gardening work, so singing and dancing has been replaced with groaning and ibuprofen. I think I’m ready to sit down and do some more writing!

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