Turning the Blue Screen of Death into Lemonade

There were warnings. I disassembled the machine, reseated all the bits and bobbles, ran scans, dug through registries. Today, the blue screen meant what it said. My computer hard drive is kaput.

So I write this as a quick administrative note between my cobbled-together Kindle and a Bluetooth keyboard. The Green Study will be empty over the next week, as I fling off my technological habits for gardening and mucking about with various house projects. Instead of driving to any number of tech places, I’ve ordered the drive I wanted online for delivery late in the week.

As for the potential loss of info, there may be a few issues, but I did backups last week and this forced decluttering gives me an opportunity to only reload the essentials that I’m actively using. I use another drive for photos and music, so no losses there.

All in all, this isn’t particularly catastrophic. I’ll have to do some reconstruction on email, track down soccer schedules, maybe make a few calls. It’s a reminder to not store critical information solely on my workstation or in emails.

The way forward seems clear. There’s the sink that’s been running slow in the upstairs bathroom. Fences that need to be re-stretched around garden beds. Windows to be washed, gutter screens to be replaced and lightbulbs to be changed.

I felt slightly panicky. The jitters of a tech junkie were about to take hold when I realized that this is perfect timing. I was working on putting in some blueberry bushes this weekend, when the feeling hit me that I just wanted to do physical labor and not have to think about anything else. Winter habits are hard to break initially – the gravitational pull of the sedentary seems strongest at this point of transition.

So, opportunity has made itself known. And I’m off to garden to my heart’s content.

I wish you a wonderful week ahead!

18 thoughts on “Turning the Blue Screen of Death into Lemonade

  1. The garden calls. On a side note – it worries me when people store all their photos and everything on a hard drives and their phone – because once it is gone, it is gone (unless it is backed up somewhere). Sounds like you will have a nice break from it all. Perhaps I will follow suit and plan for a tech free weekend next weekend. Happy puttering!!!!


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