The Green Study Summer Song: Last Intros of August

canstockphoto5742233The loud song of cicadas is drilling into my head and summer has decided that it’s not going down without a fight. Hot temps are on tap for the week ahead. We went up north over the weekend, in need of a getaway from all the heavy discussions about elder care. We found a little-known event called the Northbound Caravan arts and music festival. One of the four bands performing was “i like you” and is a local favorite of ours.

The weather was perfect and the company lovely. It was nice to be reminded of one of the best things in my life – my family. We laughed, lounged and talked. Things are about to change for the three of us. Comfortable routines upended, a new normal established, the shuffling of work and school schedules, contractors and nursing homes and the desperate scrabbling of a fledgling writer, oh my.

Endings and beginnings. I feel fall telling summer that it can take its cheeriness and just shove it. Delicious melancholy is seeping in and heat or no, I hear the wind in the trees that whispers soon, soon.

It was a pleasure to introduce and meet so many bloggers this month. I’ve tried to keep my interaction to a minimum, but I wanted to say thank you to those who left comments. It’s my usual practice to respond, but self-preservation demanded that I step back and take a breather. I have two remaining blogs to introduce and I’ve recapped the previous introductions.

I will return to regular blogging as soon as I can write about something other than how damned hot it is.


Meet Chana at Little Duckies: Parenting, Polyticks, and the Everyday Busyness of an American-born Mom in Israel

I’m a mother of two and live in Israel. I blog about my thoughts on living here in Israel, which, unfortunately, has meant that I post a lot on news lately and less on parenting. I am waiting for the day when the news gets boring, and trying to think of ways to work in the parenting, until the situation calms down (and if it isn’t clear, I am very anti-violence. As if it helps).

Mom-life Identity Crisis : My dilemma, which many parents go through at some point. Stay home, or keep my terrific job? Daycare, or no way? Can I make working from home, actually work?

Schlomo’s Reaction to the Sirens: Rocket attacks from a kid’s perspective.

A Tongue-Tie Survival Story: How we made it through awful tongue tie . . . even though, apparently, we’re still not done (I post on mastitis in the works).


Meet Tippy Rex at When You Stop Digging: Stories of sex and love addiction, and how to tell when you’ve reached bottom

I write a blog about addiction to male attention. It’s about sex and travel and breakups and the need for connectedness. As my ex would say, “everything is a love story.”

A recent dispatch from Rome (I’m out seeking geographic solutions to my problems): Minimal Baggage: Rome

Two favorites:
Like Lord of the Flies, But With More Alcohol

Ten Completely Awesome Things about Being Single


August Blog Introductions

Ellen Hawley at Notes from the U.K.

Pheonix at Struggling to Thrive: A parent’s journey raising a Failure to Thrive child.

Alison and Don at Adventures in Wonderland ~ a pilgrimage of the heart

Catherine Cheng, M.D. at Healing Through Connection: The Inner Work of Physician-Patient Relationship

Honie at HonieBriggs

Donna at A Year of Living Kindly

Sandy Sue at A Mind Divided: Artful, Conscious Living with Bipolar Disorder

The Pragmatic Hindu: A Practical Journey Through the Bhagavad Gita

Susan at Often on the Bottles…: Colourful news and clues from Susan

Greg at Almost Iowa: Where irrationality trumps reason

Alice at Coffee and a Blank Page

Evan at The Urban Vertical Project

Kirizar at The Dust Season

Carrie at Philosofishal


See you in September!

11 thoughts on “The Green Study Summer Song: Last Intros of August

  1. Ooo, i like them 2 (damn Pandora for not letting me put them on my station!).

    I don’t know whether to kiss or punch you. I’ve added so many of these blogs to my Reader, I’ll never leave my desk!

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  2. It’s taken me a while to catch up with all these — a crazy August chez My Place too, though nothing like the stress and pain of what you were (are still) dealing with! My sympathies: caring for aging relatives has its own unique pain, regardless of the what those relationships are.

    Thank you so much for doing this! Not only has this been an introduction to several new-to-me-but-already-like-wonderful-friends writers (and I, like Sandy Sue, may never leave my desk again!), but also such a pleasure to witness your own generosity and affection in action!

    best, alice

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    1. You’re welcome! It seemed to me that I hadn’t done much to promote other blogs in awhile, so August was the month for that. I’ve been doing so much navel-gazing lately that my participation in the blogging community had fallen by the wayside. But with the arrival of fall and the six-month Minnesota winter ahead, I’ll have more time, thank goodness.

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