Dear Trump Apologists: No Apology Required

canstockphoto10369721Dear Trump Apologists,

In the wave of unrelenting Trump antics, you are leaping in chivalrous desperation, demanding apologies for the wives and daughters of the nation. Sit down and shut up.

Please do not do anything on my behalf. Do not feign horror at transgendered people in my bathroom (where they’ve been for years). Do not explain my biology to me. Do not offer transvaginal probes to save my fetal cells. Do not shriek think of the mothers, daughters, sisters when trying to convince rapists not to rape. Do not act dismayed when the vulgarian you nominated continues to be vulgar. Save your indignation.

Here’s the secret about marginalized people – they only get stronger with insult. They organize better, they learn how to have dialogue, and they listen. They understand that progress waits for no one to catch up. They build their own support systems. They take self-defense courses. They teach their sons and daughters well. They learn not to wait to be saved, rescued, protected, apologized to, or even treated with basic human dignity. Best of all, they vote.

If I want an apology, protection or health services from you, I’ll ask for them. Until then, there will be no fainting or lace hanky waving on my behalf. Reorient yourselves and continue your mission – there will be so many other things to apologize for by the time this election is over.


A woman human

Note: I do try to avoid these overdone topics, but I get fed up with the mock outrage and meaningless “defense of women” – it’s hypocrisy and cynicism at its worst. Most women I know can kick ass when needed. So many asses, so little time…

30 thoughts on “Dear Trump Apologists: No Apology Required

  1. I just watched the footage and read the commentary and thought about the apologies how weak. It’s like being forced to acquiesce but doesn’t mean anything really. It’s bad news I welcome though, whatever it takes. Going back to my kitty and ambient music now and my robe.

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    1. Even if it were a different dimension and Trump mustered up the humility and sincerity needed for an apology, he’s not apologizing for his 20-year-old self. If you’re 60 and still think this is okay, you’re going to be 70 and think this is okay…until you get caught.

      Still, I find it all irrelevant. I thought he was a putz before and this changes nothing, except that the villagers might hold onto their pitchforks and torches a teensy bit longer than the last time he was a jackwagon (was that yesterday?). You sound like you have the right idea, Bill.

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      1. Understandably so Michelle. There is so much to be angry at right now I seem to be in a constant state of it.


    1. Thanks. I have a daughter as well and we talked about this story today. Then we had a protracted discussion about which Taekwondo maneuvers would be most useful should someone try to grab our genitals. We agreed on a cross sweep and stomp to the head and/or cajones. With Trump being tall and his center of gravity at the belly, he’d go down like a lead brick. My daughter’s 12 – we like to keep it real.

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      1. Yes, probably. What helps me is a simple little quote I found on Facebook (it is good for some things): “Things are not getting worse. They are getting revealed”. I just keep remembering this.
        Hopefully with revealing the “dis-ease” there’s a better chance of healing. I personally know men, who previously had no time for feminism, who now finally get it because of the revealing in the media (both mainstream and alternate) of the disadvantages faced by women and girls. It’s a start.

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  2. You are so right about all the work that will need to be done regardless of who wins. Somehow the citizens of your country are going to have to figure out how to work together to repair the ‘divide’.


  3. I LOVE YOU FOR THIS ONE. “Here’s the secret about marginalized people – they only get stronger with insult.” I agree wholeheartedly. The Donald, and his apologists, have turned American politics into a circus. Not fond of any of them.


    1. I think we’re seeing the results of what happens when one segment of society benefits at the oppression of other parts – those marginalized groups become more adept at building organizations and consensus.

      It’s the kid who finally rallies to stand up to the bully, a cretin so used to being feared or given lunch money that he is wholly unprepared for the sucker punch that takes him out. Let’s hope the electorate stands up to bullies everywhere.

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