In the Unlikely Event of My Happiness

I’ve been freezing up at the keyboard. This last week freaked me out a bit. In the course of a week, my subscribed followers jumped by 1000+ readers, crossing over the 10,000 mark. The Likes on this Freshly Pressed post exceeded 1400. I answered 300+ comments. I’d never experienced anything like this in the four years I’ve been blogging. I have to believe that it is because, for the first time ever on this blog, I used the word “clusterfuck”. I’ve had the thought all week that okay, I’m done. Really, where… Read More

The Green Study Summer Song: Last Intros of August

The loud song of cicadas is drilling into my head and summer has decided that it’s not going down without a fight. Hot temps are on tap for the week ahead. We went up north over the weekend, in need of a getaway from all the heavy discussions about elder care. We found a little-known event called the Northbound Caravan arts and music festival. One of the four bands performing was “i like you” and is a local favorite of ours. The weather was perfect and the company lovely. It was nice… Read More

The Green Study on Break: The Blog Days of Summer

It’s a fortunate thing I’ve taken a break from writing full blog posts, which would likely be an unending string of complaints followed by an occasional whine and a dollop of self-pity. Transition to nursing home. Transition to middle school. Transition to my own personal hell of over-scheduled, chaotic days and lots of interaction with people I don’t particularly care for – I’m apparently legally related to a lot of them. Stress brings out the best and worst in me. For sheer making-things-happen moxie, I’m the person you want. Details, information, follow… Read More

The Green Study Spa: Take a Moment and Put Your Feet Up

August has been a bust for taking a break. The heat, the bugs, the looming non-magical birthday (no trip to Hogwarts or surprise inheritance) and I’ve gone down the rabbit hole of care-taking, as my family goes through a big transition with my mother-in-law. One of the hardest lessons for me to learn is taking care of myself in the face of others’ needs. Care-taking sounds all very dedicated and honorable, but I am the Empress of Overkill. It always ends in tears and/or rage as I burn myself out and fill… Read More

The Green Study Catnap: Talk Amongst Yourselves

The August hiatus has been short-lived. My mother-in-law had a medical emergency which dictated that sleep is fleeting for all of us, often a nod-off in any available hospital chair. Watching someone you love getting poked and prodded, dignity stripped away, these are moments that belong to a forgetful summer haze. If we remember them, we would not want to love again. It’s a prick to the psyche. Or a psychic prick, which sounds funnier but like a different website altogether. Holy batshit, I need sleep. So, as I continue to gather… Read More

Mingle at The Green Study Summer Social

During the month of August, while I take a break from writing scintillating and not-at-all researched blog posts, I’ll be introducing some bloggers to you. A few of them have been kicking around awhile in the blogosphere and others are brand shiny new, but I’m delighted to make introductions. If you would like to be introduced to readers in the month of August, please read this post for guidelines. To keep my homework manageable, I’ll be introducing 3 blogs each week, so if you’ve requested an introduction and are not yet in… Read More

Good-bye, Hello: The Green Study on Break

The Green Study will return to regular posting on September 1, 2015 It might have been the all-nighter I just pulled trying to help my kid through a painful orthodontia transition. Seriously, look up Herbst device. Marquis de Sade would have been impressed. It could be that Japanese beetles are now devouring my gardens. They eat 200 species of plant. Welcome to the salad bar, you little bastards. It might be the impending kitchen remodel, which will nicely suit my lack of desire to cook anything that doesn’t require a microwave. Or… Read More

That’s Knot Whet Eye Sad: The Sprains of Spring

The Green Study will be returning on June 1st, 2015. After severely spraining one wrist and slightly spraining the other while hauling large bags of garden soil, weeding and tilling, typing has become a rather painful enterprise. Mentally, I need to recharge. Physically, my body needs to go into the shop for a complete overhaul and some after-market upgrades. With that in mind, I’m taking time off to rest and yell at my computer while training the speech recognition software. I love workarounds and learning how to work differently. Adaptability is a… Read More

Notes from Distracted Ground

I’m currently slogging my way through Dostoevsky’s Notes from Underground. I could tell immediately that I picked this up too quickly after reading Joyce’s Portrait of an Artist as a Young Man. Reading classics where most of the action occurs in the narrator’s head can be exhausting. I took a break and started reading Anthony Doerr’s All the Light We Cannot See. The writing is breathtaking, enviable in its sparse economy of words, while rich in detail. I’ve been thinking a lot about details. There are writers I know who are working… Read More

A Walk on the Wild Side

I came in yesterday evening after digging and planting most of the afternoon, dark rings of sweat on my shirt, dirt ground into the knees of my jeans. My hands were stiff from the jarring strikes of shovel and hoe into sun-hardened clay. After a shower, I tried to sit and write. Every five minutes, I was hopping up to do one chore or another. Normally, I’d spot this as procrastinating behavior, chide myself and force myself to sit again. It’s something else, though. With my computer crash of last week, I… Read More