The Green Study on Spring Break

I started writing a blog post called “What’s Keeping Me Awake, Pt. 2” to follow on the heels of a post about a sleepless night. Last night (since it’s 3 am already), I tossed and turned listening for our sick kitty. The vet is coming today to end our tortoiseshell’s long battle with kidney disease. It’s the first time we’ve been able to say good-bye to a pet at home, but the time between scheduling the appointment and the actual appointment is a vast space. It’s been such a long, sad winter… Read More

A Last Summer’s Retreat at The Green Study

The Green Study will return on September 4th, 2018. It has become obvious from my last few posts that I’m in a bit of a mental muddle. I turn 51 shortly, which is neither here nor there, but makes me think I could do for a birthday break. The dog days of summer are now here. The cicadas drone on all day and the mornings roar with the croaking of toads and the chirping of crickets until the oppressive heat slows all living creatures to a crawl. I’ve hit my social interaction… Read More

Pie Hole Shutting Time at The Green Study

The Green Study will return on July 1, 2018. I’ve been writing my ass off the last few weeks, both here and offline. It’s time to take a breather from everything. I have a stack of books, my bird-watching binoculars, and a false sense of limitless time. Perfect for a vacation of sorts. This is when I go off the rails. And wow, is it exciting. I drink caffeinated drinks, eat a lot of cheese, stay up past 8, and think about how I should probably move in order to get rid… Read More

The Space Between

An interval of silence when your arm no longer bows music at rest time to breathe An interval of rest between reps and sweat your muscle regroups lives to fight another set An interval of breath dozy conscientiousness before sleep carries you into the shadows An interval of quiet before the kids wake up and after the dog has been walked coffee steam swirls up your nose An interval of observation standing in lines watching the cashier have a good or bad day An interval of thought Mouth closed mind open walking… Read More