The Reader’s Delight: Being There

As a reader, I am inexcusably fast. I say inexcusably, because as a writer I am learning the value of words, syntax, rhythm – the deliberate choices one must make while telling a story. Those details matter and they should matter to me as a reader. One of my blogging friends, Bill over at pinklightsabre’s blog had referenced one of his favorite books several times, A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man by James Joyce. Despite my voracious and eclectic reading habits, I’ve never read anything by Joyce and decided… Read More

Time Travel on Facebook

I’ve written before about my aversion to some social media. Besides the conspicuous consumption of time, Facebook is how I found out that my best friend from 5th grade had lost the use of both her legs and arms in a car accident. Which led me to a search where I found out that another classmate and her brother were both dead in their early 40s. It was jarring and traumatic. These faces, frozen in my mind’s eye, were young and healthy and living happy lives in some far off world. Anything… Read More

Crossing into the Abyss

For the last year I’ve had this idea in my head to have a fiction writing blog. I love this blog and all the readers I’ve met and I like the casual, personal tone of things. It is my intent to continue writing from The Green Study, but I long to try my hand at fiction. After spewing out a novel during National Novel Writing Month, I have quickly run out of excuses. Last month I heard an interview with Margaret Atwood on NPR regarding her upcoming serialized novel. The idea of… Read More