Acts of Reader Gratitude

Gratitude is one of those words that has become tainted and overused over the last few years. Gratitude journals ballooned into full-blown humble-bragging on social media, ad nauseum recitations of beautiful children or perfect autumn days or that special cup of coffee. I feel immense gratitude for the things and circumstances and people in my life, but also feel grateful that I can, for the most part, keep it to myself. The joy for me is not in the telling, rather in the being. But there is one form of gratitude that… Read More

Gratitude and Notes from The Green Study

First and foremost I would like to thank the 227 subscribers to this blog. My stats page says 3,565 followers but I think we can all agree that most of them are spammers. Needless to say, it cuts down on the thank you notes I should write, but won’t. I’ve been blogging for almost three years and wow – what a journey. Okay, that’s some Emmy speech-making bullshit. What isn’t bullshit is that I’ve had the honor of connecting with so many of you. You’ve been kind and funny and generous and… Read More