Drifting Towards Center

I’m wound pretty tightly. Lately, I’m having weeks where my schedule is so full, there is barely time to think. It means that I’m going to Sproing! at any moment. It finally happened yesterday – the unraveling, the unwinding, gears off track, springs shooting wildly off in every direction. I imagine myself to be like a cartoon, ending haplessly in a disassembled pile of parts. I began to drift mentally. I flopped down in the middle of a productive day to be decidedly useless. I perused the books on my shelves, listened… Read More

Oversharing and Blogging: The Thin Blabby Line

Lately, several bloggers I follow have written about issues of privacy and what they are willing to reveal about themselves in their blogs. One of my favorite bloggers, Molly at Whoa, Molly! refers to offline life as the Real Meat World, saying she reveals everything in real life, but is more hesitant online and tries to retain some vagueness. I’ve read a variety of blogs that are vague to the point of disconnect or ones that share so much information, that I suspect they are either fictitious or narcissistic. Some display a… Read More

The Green Study “Worst Job I Ever Had” Contest: Honorable Mention

An Honorable Mention from The Green Study “Worst Job I Ever Had” contest goes to Rebecca at Living La Vida London for a job with some bite to it. She was sent one The Green Study Coffee Mug, a cheesy postcard from Minneapolis and I made a $25 donation to the American Red Cross on her behalf to the International Red Cross organization (IFRC). Paper Girl In  A Dog’s World by Rebecca at Living La Vida London I’ve had a fair few jobs over the years. As a student, I haven’t had the… Read More

Winners! (and some jobs you’d like to be fired from)

The Green Study “Worst Job I Ever Had” contest has come to an end and with it, the happy announcement of the winners. It was a really, really tough decision and I am expanding the top 3 prizes, by adding 3 Honorable Mentions. It might be pity, since the jobs they wrote about sounded truly awful. Either way, thank you to all the lovely writers, bloggers and readers that submitted entries. 1st Prize goes to The Wisdom of Life, for the job you’d least like to have. The entry, “Discovering Chicken”, will… Read More

Reminder: “Worst Job I Ever Had” Contest Still in Play

The Green Study “Worst Job I Ever Had” contest will be wrapping up today, Sunday, March 3rd 2013, 12:00 pm (US Standard Central Time).  Guidelines: Write a previously unpublished blog post (with title) 200-700 words long about the worst job you’ve ever had. Submit it through my Contact page by Sunday, March 3rd 2013, 12:00 pm (US Standard Central Time). Please note that your formatting is retained when I receive it – the Contact page makes it look like it has disappeared. One entry per person please. The contest begins as soon… Read More

The Elephant in the Study: Blogger’s Angst

When a long time reader and commenter un-followed me and started deleting my comments when I would comment on their blog, I’d like to say that I shrugged it off and moved on. I haven’t yet. It’s the boyfriend who never called back, the essay that didn’t get picked, the participation ribbon when I believed I would place, it’s the song I warbled horribly through in front of a crowd, it’s the polite applause I got for improv that I thought was hysterically funny, it’s the promotion I didn’t get. It’s deliberate… Read More

The Green Study “Worst Job I Ever Had” Contest

It’s Monday and the perfect day to announce The Green Study “Worst Job I Ever Had” contest. After writing my post yesterday regarding various jobs and exchanging comments with readers about their jobs, I thought this might be a nice way to kill off some winter blahs (mine, to be specific). Please note that if I publish your post and it results in you being fired from your current job, I accept no liability. Blog responsibly. Guidelines: Write a previously unpublished blog post (with title) 200-700 words long about the worst job… Read More

Turkey Wrangling and Other Curiosities

On the way to the grocery store last week, a police van stopped in front of me at a busy intersection and put on its lights. I reflexively wondered what I had done. The officer got out and walked back towards my car. I panicked – did I put my current registration in the glove box? He stopped and with a comical, defeated expression on his face, gestured for me to go around his vehicle. I passed by slowly, wondering what was going on. On the other side of the officer’s van,… Read More

What to Leave In, What to Leave Out

I love editing. There is something about cutting unnecessary words and reordering sentences that gives me pleasure. It’s an art form to make things simpler, cleaner and more lyrical. Of late I’ve needed to apply those same skills to my life, especially when I find myself drowning in too much information or too many nuisance tasks. What gets left in? What gets deleted? What gets rewritten to make more sense? This week, I re-read a favorite writing resource, On Writing Well by William Zinsser. He advocates clean, expressive writing. I’ve been doing… Read More

When You Start to Sound Like Charlie Brown’s Teacher

As a parent, I often tire of the sound of my own voice. My daughter would pipe up with “me, too!”, but her voice is muffled under the duct tape. Parents spend literally hours saying “Don’t eat that! Pick up your dirty dishes! Do your homework! What are you wearing? What is that blue stuff on the side of your face?” I fall silent when, in my head, I hear Charlie Brown’s teacher. The same thing happens with writing and blogging. I’ve reached a point where, when I review a post I’ve… Read More