Monday Notes: Mellow Labor Day

I’m an eclectic music listener and am always thrilled to be introduced to new music from any genre. Since I spent time at the Winnipeg Folk Festival this summer, I’m posting some new favorites from the year that lean toward the pop/folksy end of things, but here they are:

Good Old War: Indie band from Philadelphia. Their name is an almagation of the musicians’ names. They stated emphatically that it wasn’t an endorsement of war! Great outside performance at the festival. Current album: Come Back as Rain

Chastity Brown: Musician from Tennessee. I saw her at the Cedar Cultural Center in Minneapolis, opening for Dar Williams. Her music really sticks with me. Current album: Back-Road Highways

De Temps Antan: French-Canadians out of Quebec. I remember very little high school French, but the energy and winning rhythms made this one of the more entertaining performances at the festival. The ability to play, sing and use tap boxes simultaneously was amazing. Current Album: Les Habits Des Papier

Royal Wood: Once I was done giggling about his name, I really enjoyed his performance in Winnipeg. Current Album: We Were Born to Glory

Dar Williams: Well-known pop/folk singer-songwriter. Saw her at the Cedar in Minneapolis. This song, about one of the costs of war, brought me to tears, but acoustic live performances always hit me differently. Current Album: In the Time of Gods

What new favorite songs or artists

did you discover this summer?

6 thoughts on “Monday Notes: Mellow Labor Day

  1. If you like folk music you must get to know Gordon Bok, if you don’t know him already. I’ve been listening to his music for as long as you’ve been alive (oh lord, wow, now that’s a little bit scary to me!) and it never gets old (unlike me!). Mostly traditional, international. Enjoy!


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