A Green Study Valentine

canstockphoto3823102As much as I’ve been twisting in the wind lately here at The Green Study, I’ve decided to take a break from my wannabe writer hand-wringing to say thank you to the many lovely writers, readers, artists, poets, musicians, photographers and generous people who have read, liked and/or commented here over the last few years.

When a blog has been around awhile, sometimes hopping in with a comment feels like showing up at a party uninvited. People seem to know each other and you wonder if you need a special handshake to get in the door.

If there is any measure of pride to be had in blogging, I have it about the commenters here. They’re kind, generous, astute and some of them are very, very funny. If you’re new to blogging and feel some commenter anxiety, this is a great place to dip your toes in the water, contribute to the conversation and introduce yourself to other bloggers.

canstockphoto9909736Thank you to the following regular commenters, in no particular order: Ruth (I miss you!) at A New Beginning, Kirizar at The Dust Season, Outlier Babe at The Last Half, Bill at pinklightsabre, Ross at Drinking Tips for Teens, Sandy at A Mind Divided, Helen at Tiny Lessons Blog, Luanne at Writer Site, John at A Napper’s Companion, Belladonna Took at American Soustannie, Lyle at Krahnpix, Almost Iowa, Dave at 1pointperspective, Kathryn at Art-Colored Glasses, Fransi at 365 and Counting, Alison and Don at Adventures in Wonderland, Honie at HonieBriggs, transforminglifenow and Elyse at FiftyFourandAHalf.

I know there are some new readers who have started jumping in and I look forward to our continuing conversations.

I’m always looking around for blogs that inspire, teach or just make me laugh. Here are a few that I’ve enjoyed lately:

Math with Bad Drawings I found Ben’s blog through the Freshly Pressed page and have enjoyed his astute, often humorous observations about math, science and teaching. Lately his posts, such as “The Church of the Right Answer” have a lot to say about learning and life.

Tropics of Meta Another Freshly Pressed find. A collaborative effort that is absolute brain candy.

The Brown Road Chronicles Steve couldn’t quit us and we’re grateful. He’s back with a delightful and talented mix of writing and music and goat tales (maybe). And if you’re in the mood for love or something that might actually kill love where it stands, don’t miss his Valentine’s Day Song.

Alena Dillon Anyone who can write a book called I Thought We Agreed to Pee in the Ocean: And Other Amusings from a Girl Wearing Sweatpants is bound to be funny.canstockphoto5319068

It would be impossible for me to capture in one post all of the readers and commenters who have contributed here, but you make all the difference in the blogging experience and are greatly appreciated.

Thank you and have a lovely day!

And if you dislike this holiday as much as I, may it be one that passes quickly.

32 thoughts on “A Green Study Valentine

  1. Aw shucks, happy Valentine’s Day, love. Have a tart and a pinch of chew or something. Seriously, cheers to you and yours. I like waking up to your writing, with some Brian Eno on the side and gurgly coffee maker sounds. – Bill


    1. Happy Valentine’s to you as well, Bill. I have to say, every time you mention a musician, I have to dig it up to see what I’m missing. My music collection grows ever bigger. And just to tip my hat your way, I’m finally starting to read A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man. Have a great day!


      1. Oh my god you’re reading Portrait! Yay! We have to like talk about it. Indulge me, please. I’ll start emailing you if you don’t. I’m eager to hear what you think. Don’t get bogged down in the historical Irish political rants. It’s worth it, trust me. I also wanted to compliment the lovely artwork and illustrations on your blog, truly lovely.


        1. I’d love to talk about it, but not until I’m done reading it. I’ve already got the specter of Bill drifting in my critical eye and I’m trying to ignore him.

          Thanks for the compliments on the artwork, all of which I get from CanStock.


  2. Thanks so much Michelle. Your blog has been a favourite since I first discovered you through a comment you made on a blog I also enjoyed. That was 3ish years ago and I still wait eagerly for a Green Study alert to show up in my inbox. I’m also always on the look-out for interesting, quirky, informative, inspiring, funny, clever, provocative bloggers and blogs so thanks for the suggestions. Now I lnow what I’ll be doing tomorrow morning while I enjoy a coffee in my Green Study mug. Have a great day!


  3. I got a Valentine!! Now, how can I go around grumping? Thank you, Michelle. I believe that is three times now you have mentioned me or my blog on yours.

    Those before me said already my two thoughts: That I look forward to your posts, and that the illustrations are always striking and so appropriate to the topic.

    Confession: I look forward to your posts even when I don’t. Your posts make me think, and I don’t always want to do that. So sometimes, there is an initial hesitation–a small–just a very small, really–sigh–before I say “Oh, you know how glad you’re going to be once you start reading.” And I always am glad. Not always happy, depending on the topic, but always glad I heard the results of your considered thoughts, and responded in my thoughts, and pleasured in the always-smooth flow of your words.

    Thank you again, Michelle.


      1. Now don’t stress: Make your next post a profanity-filled rant about how that blingety-blanged cable company has mucked up AGAIN–or repost your fav five cute kitty sites–or tell us all about that time Patti said to Kendra that thing about Ennis, only she was kidding, but Kendra took her TOTALLY serious, and Kendra told Ennis, and then Patti and Kendra didn’t talk for, like, a WEEK?

        Any of those should relieve the pressure (but my personal fav is that last) 🙂 A happy, productive, pressure-free Sunday to you!

        Liked by 1 person

  4. It’s always a pleasure for me to read your blog. You write with such intelligence, honesty and insight. Thanks for the mention Michelle. I’m always thrilled when we get a mention on another blog!
    PS I too hate Valentine’s Day. Ugh. Total commercialism crap. Don and I love each other every day. Just realised I should also say – I love all the people I love every day.


  5. This has always been a great welcoming place, so I take your Valentine and fire you one back. It’s a yucky holiday, I think every time, and then people go and do something all platonic like this. Thanks, Michelle.


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