The Garden of Little Sorrows

The morning brings an achecanstockphoto5109847

that moves around each day

A back, a knee, a shoulder –

knuckles swollen, as if I’d won the fight.


canstockphoto28605287I ramble along the path with a limp

and an unfortunately located bite from an insect

that was there before me

but as revenge, won’t be there after.


The plants I moved yesterdaycanstockphoto686458.jpg

slump over, too traumatized by the extra sun

to give a damn, but hungry for me,

the water god, to bring showers.


canstockphoto2491406The sun sears the back of my neck

medium rare with a tinge of pink.

It cares not for the creatures beneath its gaze,

for its sole purpose is to burn, burn, burn.


canstockphoto304055I bend down to catch another weed

and come eye level with the motor of a bumblebee

I once read that human odors aggravate bees

but I stink of sweat and they ignore me.


canstockphoto7496638I resist gravity and stand up

To witness the aerial acrobatics of Monarchs

Who have deigned to share their royal presence

I pay fealty with large stands of milkweed.


The gardening session is overcanstockphoto15362073

I put away the buckets of tools

Punch out for the day, they don’t pay overtime

And leave the manicured wilds to second shift.

21 thoughts on “The Garden of Little Sorrows

  1. You expressed my yesterday perfectly. Today I think I’ll let the garden tend to itself. My brain needs a rest from the political turmoil but I’m not sure my body should be driven by that unused energy.

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    1. Pat, I think we’re on the same wavelength! I had hoped to relieve some pressure in my brain. Gardening has always been a balm for that, but we’re in the dead heat of summer, bugs are running riot, and I feel so wiped out. Perhaps a gardening/nap detente needs to be reached.

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  2. Stuck on a train in the middle of the Netherlands your post brought a small smile to my MN face. Sucks the summer sun and it’s seering sun on our beautiful plants. I hope for a nice gentle rain for you and your plants.

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  3. So appropriate
    Reading this
    Now that my back yard is…mown?
    Slashed and burned by the unforgiving,
    Relentless ball of gas in the sky…
    As am I.
    Satisfaction lasts only until I realize
    How many weeds I have yet to pull.
    Never-ending blister field

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