Quick Administrative Notes from The Green Study

For current, visiting and future readers : I’ve changed my Gravatar (see above). The purple tree lady didn’t jive with my idea of my blog. Neither does this one, really, but it’s kind of pretty and reminds me of my tattoo.

I’ve decided to capitalize my blog title. It was really bugging the editor in me.

I’m also introducing my first name into the mix.

I am Michelle. I am a writer. It’s been 3 days since I’ve written anything decent.

I’m spending part of this beautiful Sunday torturing myself with social media. Because I think I’m supposed to. I guess. I’m not a Luddite, but this stuff is seriously feeding my headache. Any tips from experienced bloggers/writers would be welcome. Please.

This shift is simply to affirm my new career goals and I hope, will only improve the experience for readers of the blog. I hate all the branding/marketing/PR nonsense, but I also hate being unread and broke.

I hope that you stick around through this blog’s growing pains. I hope someday you can say “I knew her when”. I hope I don’t have to get another office job.

21 thoughts on “Quick Administrative Notes from The Green Study

  1. I think of my great-grandmother who lived in Ireland in the 1860’s. A local minister arranged a correspondence with my then –to-be great-grandfather. She ultimately packed all her belongings in a trunk, left her family and traveled by ship, train and buggy to Michigan to marry a man she never met. I have her Limoges china and rocking chair.

    I wonder if I would have been as brave. Probably not, but she inspires me to be.

    We just left our home of 24 years to move from Michigan to Chicago because my husband lost his job. It is an adventure.

    Be brave.
    I like your writing


    1. Thanks for the compliment and sharing your inspiration! Bravery is probably all relative (wow, that’s a horrible pun). My bravery is more artistic and dealing with painful self-consciousness now. Later it will be economic, although I feel like I’ve had my share of those times, too. There’s just no way to know unless you jump in with both feet. Whee!


  2. Michelle, I’m not very experienced either. Just started my blog in March, in response to a favorite website downsizing. My big weakness, I think, is that I don’t specialize. I want to generate discussions so I hit all kinds of topics. I think “specialized” blogs generate a more dedicated audience that is more intensely interested in that topic. Maybe it also helps the writers to be a little more focused, I don’t know.

    If you want to write about yourself and your past – I’d recommend checking out mrwowblog.com. He writes about entertainment and current events, but occasionally will reveal some very personal history. VERY personal. I don’t think I could ever be so brave, even under a nom de internet. His current piece, “Remembering Jack,” evokes all kinds of emotions. All his readers keep urging him to write a book.


    1. I did actually check out mrwowblog.com through your site Forming the Thread. Wow is right. It’s blogs like that which intimidate me in their boldness. I am similar to you, in that I want to write about what interests me. That’s usually a slurry of personal experience, outside events and issues. What I have seen, though, are writers that maintain a personal blog and a professional blog with publish-ready nonfiction and fiction. This is the path that I might go down. I so much enjoy the interaction and experience that I’ve had with The Green Study, it’s worth it to keep the informal format. Readership may not explode, but it’s a nice, soft place to go when I’ve gotten my 50th rejection letter/email.


  3. Thought-provoking! I have to admit I jumped into blogging some time ago with no formal plan in mind. I didn’t want to be ‘pigeon-holed’ into one particular topic as I have so many varied interests. So my solution was to have three separate blogs; the main blog, where I write about whatever strikes my fancy when it strikes my fancy; my gratitude journal, where I faithfully write my gratitude every day; and my fiction blog, where I share my short stories, etc. as often as I can. Although my followers are few, more are added periodically, and I’m fine with that. I would love to be able to make money at writing – retirement is looming on the not-too-distant horizon – but that isn’t why I write nor why I started the blogs.

    I enjoy reading your blog; you inspire me to keep writing. So no fear that I will abandon you! I’m here for the long haul!! 🙂


    1. Thanks, Ruth! I just added your other 2 blogs for my reader. Show me how it’s done! Of course, the thought of writing another blog makes my eyes cross. I have so many reasons for writing and so many subjects that interest me, but I know there are cons to that approach. Then you are trying to get readership for your particular voice – that’s a lot of pressure. And there’s already an ocean of unique voices out there. This is definitely a learning process!


  4. Hi Michelle! I am certainly not going anywhere, I enjoy reading you too much!
    I envy you quite a bit too; I am trying to muster the courage to do what I really want to do full time too, but I think I need a bit longer before I take the plunge…
    My blog was initially a way of “testing the waters”, and see if anyone out there would enjoy my food (34 people do so far, whoop whoop!).
    I never anticipated however, how much I would enjoy being part of the blogging community, trading comments with people from all over the world, writers, cooks, designers, stay-at-home mums, etc.
    Starting a blog is one of the best thing I have ever done, and I am pretty sure that one day I will get to talk about you and say “I knew her when” 🙂


    1. Blogging has been an unexpected, positive experience for me. I think I’m almost forcing my own hand to go all in on the writing. But I’ve spent many years hesitating, waiting, and having false starts. I think it’s a combination of opportunity, angst and middle aged crazies. I do tend to envy people who started earlier in the game, but that’s their story. Mine is mine.

      And your story is yours. I plan on trying some of your recipes this winter, especially your Open lasagne with creamy mushroom and spinach filling. Sounds and looks wonderful!

      As people keep telling me: Stay true to yourself. Do what you love. Things will turn out just fine.


  5. Congrats on starting off a new path in life. I think that’s wonderful and I wish you tons of success and fun!

    [cue Nelson Eddy] “I will follow you-ou-ou-ou-ou…”

    (Can’t help much with the social media; I think Twitter is evil!)


      1. Yep, you have to use the tools or you’ll be left behind. Watching you start off, and watching others on their journey, I’m glad I have a good day job I love and am close to retirement. I have the luxury of having a blog that’s whatever I want it to be with no constraints. Writing professionally is a challenge, but I think I’ve read you long enough to know you’re fully up to that challenge. We’ll be cheering you on from the bleachers!!


  6. I’ve created more moments of extreme insensitivy than I care to own up to, but I can say they have been thoughtless moments, not premeditated. I might be stepping into one right now. I absolutely don’t mean to trivialize what’s happening for you but I just have to say those three short sentences: “I am Michelle. I am a writer. It’s been three days since I’ve written anything decent.”, really made me laugh. It sounds like Writers Anonymous. Please don’t torture yourself, with social media or anything else. You and your writing and your abilities are too fine for that. I hope the necessary money will follow for you.


    1. It might have been my insensitivity at work there, but I’ll often sacrifice being PC for things that make me laugh. The Anonymous thing was exactly what I was going for – I don’t mean to trivialize 12 step programs. It just always sounds funny to me when people introduce themselves! I hope the money will follow, too, but if I fall flat on my face, I will come by those injuries honestly! I’d rather fail than have regrets that I didn’t try.


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