The Green Study Hits the Road, Jack

canstockphoto1035545In preparation for a very long road trip to see family, I’ve packed the following necessary items:

  • One front seat driver who believes there is no need to ask for directions, but constantly insists that I’m going the wrong way.
  • One mini-me who will immediately alert me from the backseat whenever the speedometer number is bigger than the posted signs.
  • A lot of dysfunctional baggage,  so that anything my family of origin says will immediately irritate me, no matter how innocuous.
  • One large bottle of Tums to counter bad road food.
  • One large bottle of ibuprofen to counter everything else.

I’ll be leaving behind:

  • Two obnoxious felines who will now wake the house/pet sitters every morning at 2am.
  • Hopes and dreams of a beautiful garden, which will become feral and overgrown in my absence.
  • All the accumulated winter malaise and stagnation.

Until my return, enjoy some older posts that were my favorites to write, if not for readers to read:

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Thanks for reading and I wish you a wonderful week!

(I’ll respond to any comments upon my return.)

10 Comments on “The Green Study Hits the Road, Jack

  1. Travel safe and try to have a good time. The occasional margarita might come in very handy.


  2. Thanks for sharing your backlog. “Best of Michelle!”


  3. Hang in there. In some situations one can only focus on the ancient quote, “This, too, shall pass.”


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