The Space Between

An interval of silence

when your arm no longer bows

music at rest

time to breathe

canstockphoto7479668An interval of rest

between reps and sweat

your muscle regroups

lives to fight another set

An interval of breath

dozy conscientiousness

before sleep carries you

into the shadows

An interval of quiet

before the kids wake up

and after the dog has been walked

coffee steam swirls up your nose

An interval of observation

standing in lines

watching the cashier

have a good or bad day

An interval of thought

Mouth closed mind open

walking about

in the shoes of someone else

An interval of grace

for that momentary glance

that says I’ve got your back

for the child still snoring on a school holiday

An interval of peace

a cup of a tea

the list that doesn’t need

to be started right now

14 thoughts on “The Space Between

  1. Hey! I think that’s the first poem I’ve seen you publish here am I right?! That’s lovely. I’m going back to my school holiday interval now, and enjoy the remaining 20 minutes of it, with no list or time keeping to pretend… Bill


  2. I like the stream of consciousness framework for this poetic prose. It is the interval that keeps me from going all fists of fury these days. Every breath is a chance to begin again. Healthy Monday, Michelle. I’d say Happy Monday, but that is just crazy talk.


  3. Lovely, Michelle….I reblogged it…with this note: Michelle at The Green Study posted this today….I love the attention to the spaces between those things that grab our attention. What can you notice in your day today? Where do you experience spaces? I am going to watch myself for space….

    Ruthellen Josselson write a book about the spaces between people based on a qualitative study she did asking folks about their subjective experiences of closeness and distance in their lives. A faith community I once belonged to used to end the service with a reference to ….the space between the stars……Between and spaces have always held a fascination for me and your poem tells me that I am not the only one!


    1. Thanks for the reblog! I have been thinking about the value of space/rest/omission. In a world that constantly clamors for our attentions – space, time, quiet – these take on critical importance not only to keep us grounded, but also to allow our brains to process and integrate information. It’s a big subject to think about – glad I’m learning to find room for it!


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